House of Hope, Raimundstraße 20a, 4020 Linz

The House of Hope Welcome Center

Welcoming Refugees In Dignity

We are a team of international workers from around the world with a heart to help refugees. Our passion is to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed and to restore dignity and respect to these people who have endured so much.  Our vision is to equip and encourage the local church to reach out to the refugees in their midst.  

About Hope:

Work with refugees is a multi-faceted and challenging work, but has many rewards.  We are especially challenged as we are confronted with the pain and trauma that so many refugees carry with them.  They are often imprisoned by their pain and hopelessness. Every person is unique and has their own unique story.  But all people have one thing in common — they need HOPE!  People need Hope to live their lives now, but most of all they need to know that there is Hope even after this life is over.  They need to know that Hope goes beyond their circumstances. This kind of Hope can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.. This  Hope transcends culture, has no boundaries and speaks into the very deepest pain or tragedy. God´s Hope touches the lives of real people in real situations and is changing their lives to good. God has called us to be bearers of this Hope.  We are called to show refugees the Love of God in word and deed. 


Our Mission Statement:
We are a community of people who are inspired by Jesus and who love foreigners.

For us, all people and cultures are equally valuable.

Therefore, we welcome refugees in dignity, and encourage a culture of connection –

even though we live in a world full of exclusion and racism.

This is how we want to contribute to people and communities being changed by the power of God.


Our Core Values:
- We follow Jesus' example
- Equality of all peoples
- Equality of all cultures
- The right to asylum

- Free access to the job market
- Sustainable global economic activity

- It's about the simple things in life


Our Mission Continued:
- To serve refugees by fulfilling their basic needs
- To give them hope
- To help them to become integrated into society
- To inspire the people around us



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